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This series design depicts three essays from the book 'Gentle and Fierce' by Vanessa Berry. The essays provide insights into the animal world and how it has influenced the author's sense of identity and perspectives. To bind the series and symbolise the organic layers of each essay, the series incorporates line illustrations and torn coloured paper within the cover designs. The light blue paper on the cover of ‘Mink Coat’ signifies a mirror, while the line illustration of the eye represents the author noticing reflections of her great grandmother, grandmother and mother within herself while looking into the mirror. Furthermore, the ‘Frank the Bear’ cover shows three elements primarily mentioned within the essay, the author as a child, her grandfather and Frank the bear. Lastly, the cover of ‘Rabbit Island’ displays the moon and a fork. In the essay, the author communicates how the moon's craters form the shape of a rabbit and how people regularly made jokes about eating her pet rabbit. To express these two aspects, the yellow moon also represents a plate with the ‘invisible rabbit’ on it, ready to be eaten with a fork.


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